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    *Are you a U.S. Citizen or Resident? (more than 5 years)


    *Are you a legal immigrant?


    *Are you Male or Female?


    *Do you have any of the following?

    MedicaidMedicareCHIPSPrivate InsuranceNone of the Above

    *Are you or anyone in your household working or receiving other sources of income? (Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment, etc)


    *What is your monthly gross (before taxes) income?

    *Is any of your income from the following sources? Check all that apply.

    Medicaid-TANFSocial SecuritySocial Security DisabilitySocial Security RetirementNone of the Above

    *How many people live in your household?

    *Do you have any children under the age of 18?


    *Do your children have any of the following?

    MedicaidChipsSS DisabilityPrivate InsuranceOther InsuranceNone of the Above

    *Do you have a physical condition/disability that causes you to work fewer hours or inhibits you from working?


    *Have you applied for social security / disability?


    *Do you have Medicare Part A, Part B, and/or Part D and find yourself unable to pay the co-pays and/or premiums?


    *Are you on disability and are in the 24 month waiting period for Medicare?


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