Gulf Coast Health Center is doing Telehealth Visits!

In addition to serving patients from several locations, Gulf Coast Health Center is pleased to offer our clients the newest, most convenient way to access healthcare – telehealth services. With Telehealth, Gulf Coast Health Center patients can access our healthcare professionals and their advice from anywhere, as long as they have internet connectivity.


What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to healthcare services that are provided to patients by providers using electronic means. A Telehealth appointment does not take place in person, but rather over the phone, internet, email, by video conference, or using another type of communication technology. Telemedicine makes it possible to access a provider’s opinion or advice without leaving your home or office.

Schedule a Telehealth Appointment with a Gulf Coast Health Center Provider Today!

Whether you are an established patient or new to our clinic, you are welcome to schedule an online appointment with one of our providers. To schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact any of our locations by phone. Our healthcare providers look forward to serving our patients and helping them access care in every way we can!

What is required to do a TeleHealth Visit?

At Gulf Coast Health Center, our staff provide telemedicine appointments via Medpod. To attend a telemedicine appointment, you’ll need:

To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend the following:

1. Prepare for the meeting; have your Medpod unique link available. This link was sent to you via email or text.
2. Check your Internet Connection; make sure that you have a strong Cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
3. Choose a quiet area and limit distractions; turn off any ambient noise such as music, television, video games, or other noisy electronics.
4. Secure your Privacy; go into a closed room and/or use Earbuds or a Headset. Bluetooth devices work as well!
5. Adjust the Light; align the lighting in the room so that it shines on you. This will allow your health care provider a better view of your face and your eyes.
6. Make sure you enable your microphone (audio) and camera (video) when you join the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to the meeting!


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Prescription Refills – MobileRX

With the MobileRx® app, you can refill prescriptions from your mobile device. Once downloaded, search for our pharmacy by name [Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc.] OR use the zip code [77640]. Enter your prescription numbers, or scan the barcode on the prescription label. You may enter up to six prescription numbers to be refilled at a time. Make sure you enter your mobile phone number. Then, tap Refill. Our pharmacy will give you a call once your medication is ready to be picked up!

Patient Portal - MicroMD Secure Chart

Our MicroMD patient portal will provide patients access to your medical information (like labs results, medication history, etc.) online. This also gives you a direct method to communicate with your Nurse and Provider. Setup is easy; we only need your email address! Call us if you are interested or need access!

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The Health Information Exchange is designed to save you time and money. If you go to other hospitals or doctor offices, we can electronically search for your health information and use it while treating you. No need to repeat labs, visits, orders, and information requests! Call us if you are interested!