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Introducing Gulf Coast Patient Connect

Our team at Gulf Coast Health, Inc. is excited to introduce our new program, Gulf Coast Patient Connect. This is a new stress-free way to manage your health care journey.
Connect with our trusted care team in real-time, so we can support you where you are and when you need it. Answers for everything — from everyday needs to managing chronic conditions — all from someone who really knows you.
And if eligible, you’ll receive a free, personalized digital health kit when you sign up with a self-monitoring blood pressure device.

Once you download the app and connect, you can expect:

Better Health, Together
Better understand your health and priorities by digitally tracking and sharing key metrics from wherever you are.
Continuous Support
Connect securely to your care team to ask questions and get advice and encouragement.
Peace of Mind
Relax, your care team is on it, helping you feel your best, and can proactively step in if there’s a problem.

To Get Started

For more information or help signing up, please email or call (409) 984-8484.