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Ultrasounds at Gulf Coast Health Center

At Gulf Coast Health Center, we are pleased to provide patients with ultrasound imaging located right in our clinic. An ultrasound, sometimes referred to as sonography, uses sound waves to create an image (sonogram) of an individual’s internal soft tissue structures. Doctors use ultrasound for diagnostic purposes and also for monitoring the internal function of patients’ bodies, treatment progress or development.

What Happens During an Ultrasound Appointment?

Painless, easy and completely safe, ultrasound appointments usually require only about thirty minutes to an hour. During the appointment, the patient will be asked to recline on a medical table or chair. The doctor or technician will apply a clear jelly to the skin above the area which will be imaged. This gel improves the ultrasound machine’s contact with the patient in order to produce clearer images.

An ultrasound technician or doctor will move use the ultrasound machine’s transducer (a handheld instrument similar to a microphone) around the targeted area. The transducer emits sound waves through the patient’s body. These sound waves then bounce off of tissues inside the body, are picked up by the ultrasound machine, recorded and used to create a real-time image of the patient’s internal systems.

For What Are Ultrasounds Used?

Ultrasounds can be extremely useful for diagnosing and monitoring several health conditions. Doctors use ultrasound imaging for many reasons, such as:

  • Monitoring the health and developmental progress of an unborn baby
  • Evaluating the health and proper function of the body’s circulatory system by observing the blood flow to organs throughout the body
  • Locating abnormalities in organs such as tumors, cysts, narrowed arteries and blood clots
    • An ultrasound’s ability to produce a real-time image of internal organs and tissues assists doctors in both diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Preparing for Your Ultrasound Appointment at Gulf Coast Health Center

Ultrasounds are simple imaging procedures and do not require much preparation on the patient’s part. Patients should arrive on time for their appointments and wear loose comfortable clothing which allows easy access to the imaging site. Patients might be required to partially undress or wear a hospital gown during an ultrasound appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns about preparing for an upcoming ultrasound appointment or what to expect, we welcome you to contact Gulf Coast Health Center for additional information during our office hours.