Am I Drinking Too Much Coffee? 7 Signs You Need to Cut Back on Caffeine

When most people think about consuming too much caffeine, they picture themselves bouncing off the walls and getting all of their work done. The reality, however, is a bit more subtle. Consider the following signs of drinking too much caffeine to determine whether you might benefit from cutting back on your coffee and soda breaks.

7 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Coffee (or Too Much Caffeine)

1. You Feel Anxious

Too much caffeine can exacerbate your worries. It not only triggers the fight or flight response (the physiological response to stress) but it also can keep you from getting quality sleep. Both of these can make you feel more anxious than normal.

2. You Have a Stomach Ache

Coffee can increase the acids inside your stomach, leading to a stomach ache and heartburn.

3. You Feel Like Your Heart Is Racing

Caffeine can increase your heart rate and even lead to feelings of dizziness. If you feel like your heart is going to flutter out of your chest, then you should probably reduce your caffeine intake.

4. You're Running to the Bathroom Frequently

Coffee also has laxative properties that result in diarrhea. Additionally, caffeine is a diuretic that might have you running to the bathroom for other reasons, too.

5. You Can't Sleep

Too much caffeine intake or consuming caffeine too late in the day can cause insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

6. You Feel Jittery

If you start to feel jumpy or jittery after consuming caffeine, this is because it speeds up your central nervous system. This effect is why coffee helps you feel more awake and alert. Too much of a good thing, however, can leave you feeling unwell.

7. You're Getting Frequent Headaches

A little caffeine can increase the effectiveness of certain pain medications. Too much coffee, however, can lead to caffeine withdrawal which causes severe headaches and fatigue.

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